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Life Isn’t Perfect… and That’s Okay (Monday Moment ep. 291)

On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary reminds that to embrace the beauty of the imperfect.

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My friend, many of us today find ourselves in a less than ideal reality. It’s true. But that doesn’t concern me – I’ve endured far worse.

What does concern me is that we are beginning to risk losing the brilliant, galvanizing power of a collective hope in tomorrow.

We’re overlooking our greatest strengths, namely personal accountability, collective diversity and ferocious optimism.

We’ve been distracted by trying to attain “beautiful, normal, successful and desirable” for so long that many of us were exhausted trying to attain these unrealistic standards before the epic untethering of 2020. And now that the world is changing, we feel like we just might be toppled by it.

My friend, the good news is we’ve got the remedy from that transformational wisdom my mom uncovered decades ago: It is our great opportunity to rewrite the script.

Imperfection isn’t something that we must hide, fear, or feel repulsed and divided by. To the contrary, when our flaws are genuinely embraced and authentically shared they can humanize, connect and inspire.


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