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Live Inspired Podcast Episode 011: Season 1 in Review

The Best Inspirational Tips from Season 1

Today we are going to turn our focus past the snow and around the corner where the sun is shining: Spring!

One of my favorite parts of spring is March Madness. I love sports, I love baseball and I love the race to the final game (especially when the underdog wins).

Most importantly, after the final game, I love when they play the Luther Vandross song, One Shining Moment, while showing the highlights of the best plays from the entire tournament. They tie it all together and today, I am going to do something similar for you.

On today’s episode, I’ll recap each of my guests from Season 1 and my main takeaway from each. So many great tips on living inspired. Here we go!

    • Susan O’Leary [my mom, author, speaker, mother, Christian leader] Mom helped me kick off the season talking about life, the fire that changed everything and her insights on resilience, faith, family, and redemption.


    • Brian Buffini [business owner, speaker & author] He shared the question his grandfather asked when reviewing work for the family painting business: “Can you put your name on it?” If the answer wasn’t yes it had to be fixed. That tangible work ethic is the foundation of Brian’s success today.


    • Teri Griege [author, ironman athlete, cancer survivor] Addiction and cancer threatened her life; grace, endurance and hope gave it back. Teri will remind you what is TRULY possible when you stop making excuses.


    • Joe Buck [World Series sports announcer, son of my hero Jack, author] Had his his first interview about his new book Lucky Bastard with us! He shared about being the son of my hero, the greatest gift he received from his daughter which offered us all a reminder that: Perspective truly matters.


    • Michaela Haas [author, journalist, fellow sojourner] Her book Bouncing Forward was my favorite this year covering a life-changing topic: “Post traumatic growth.”


    • Rory Vaden [bestselling author and self-discipline expert] “Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream; so DREAM BIG.” And SO MANY amazing nuggets like this one.


    • Dave Ramsey  [bestselling author, nationally syndicated radio host] You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear Dave on the other side of the microphone! He shares amazing humility, humor, and financial tips.


    • Kathy Buckley [author, speaker, comedian, overcomer] She is a model for keeping joy, humor, determination, and passion for people through life’s tribulations. As a deaf comedian, she has garnered special tools she shares with us to improve our own relationships and lives.


    • Don Yaeger [9 time bestselling author; journalist] Wrote 25 books, many nonfiction about some of the biggest names in sports history. Don shares the biggest lessons he learned from these legendary people.


    • Rachel Macy Stafford [NYT Bestselling author and founder of Hands Free Mama] Shares beautiful lessons about setting aside daily distractions so that you can have your best life today. She asks us a poignant question: How will you redefine your success for yourself this year?


  • Tom Ziglar [Son of Zig, bestselling author, podcaster, CEO of Ziglar Inc.] Tom will walk you through the “zombie cure” or sleepwalking through life.

Today’s guest is former St. Louis Blues Hockey hero, Gino Cavallini. You’ll love hearing the live reunion from my ON FIRE book launch party. [Watch the video.]

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to introduce you to these amazing people; true examples of living inspired. Season 2 starts next Thursday and you are going to love the guests we have lined up! Make sure to subscribe, rate & review wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks for being part of the Live Inspired community and please keep inviting your friends to join us – we continue to climb the charts (top 20 on iTunes Business!) and touching lives.

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I can’t wait to see you here next Thursday! Until then, remember: Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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