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“You can control and resist life or you can dive in.”

Let’s take the wise words from season 3 guest Christine Hassler and: DIVE IN together. It’s our day to LIVE INSPIRED!

The guests on our show are ordinary people doing extraordinary things on purpose. On this episode, we’ll celebrate the best insights from each Season 3 guest AND how it will impact the inspired life you’re living.

After just 3 seasons, we’ve got 400,000 downloads! Which means more lives are  being touched and more people are living inspired with us. Thanks for being part of this Live Inspired movement and for sharing it with your friends.

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Brian Vander Ark, lead singer of The Verve Pipe: When asked if he gets sick of playing his 90s hit song The Freshman, he responded: “How can you get sick of playing a song that brings SO much joy to so many people?”

Chris Hogan, author, radio and podcast host, expert on retirement and personal finance and a Dave Ramsey team speaker: Failure is when you don’t accomplish a goal and stop. Realize that in pursuit of your goal, you improve. Even if you don’t reach ultimate success you become a better version of yourself in striving for it.”

Andy Andrews, from homeless to bestselling author of the Traveller’s Gift: “Quitting is a habit and there’s no penalty for quitting today. But when you persist without exception, there’s something in that; you figure out a way; the next best thing and its lasting.”

Christine Hassler, author, podcaster, life coach and counselor: “You can control and resist life or you can dive in.” In a time of “information overload” Christine’s interview will share how to leverage + apply new information to change old habits.

Janine Shepherd, Australian National Championship Skier, huge overcomer, speaker and author: The gift of rock bottom is that there is no where to hide. It shows you not who you are, but who you are not.”

Bill Courtney, coach whose story was told in the epic Oscar-Winning Documentary UNDEFEATED, Every day is an opportunity to get it right.”

Laila Alifitness & wellness guru, author, undefeated 4-time boxing champion, Dancing with the Stars and Chopped star and daughter of Muhammad Ali: “Being a powerhouse doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes or have moments of weakness. We all face those things, but it’s about having the courage to keep going.”

Lolly Daskal, business coach and author: Lolly shared how growing up in small, Yiddish-speaking community in New York City helped her to realize we must “lead from within.” Don’t miss Lolly’s 2 simple tools to overcome self doubt or what is often called “imposter syndrome.”

Captain Charlie Plumbformer Navy fighter pilot, POW, speaker and author: We shared this interview just in time for Memorial Day and it has been one of our most popular episodes to date. Don’t miss Charlie’s lessons on on purpose, love and sacrifice.

Jack Buck, my hero, Hall of Fame Announcer, my most popular story that I share on stage at speaking events is the story of how Jack Buck change my life through asking the simple question: “What more can I do?” and then taking action. In this episode, I share that story so you can hear it — again for some of you and for the first time for others. Enjoy!



400,000 have chosen to wake up and live inspired with us through the Live Inspired Podcast. Wow! Season 3 – was it good for you?

It was awesome for me! It was a blast to have these men and women in studio. Sharing with us their lives, lessons and mistakes what it meant for them and more importantly: What it means for each of us in our inspired lives.

Season 4 – is going to be even better. Make sure you are subscribed and ready for the first episode next week!

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