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“Today we’re going to talk about the power of one. One individual. One action. One impact.”

The truth that one person can absolutely change the world is one I learned from my burn team when I was in the hospital. Today I am going to share one specific example of this truth. After being burned on 100% of my body, I wasn’t expected to survive much less walk. But, Roy taught me to do exactly that; walk and SO much more.

On today’s episode, I  share the story of Nurse Roy; a story I used to share from the stage but don’t often get the chance to today. It’s amazing and I am certain it will help you to see even more clearly the impact you are having in the lives of others every day.

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  • Forget fear, let’s talk about love. Love is the starting point.
  • Realize that your life matters.
  • “When you know your why, you can endure any how.” From Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Instead of listening in fear, tune in with love.
  • If you do your job, no matter what it is, with purpose and passion: You’ll do something bigger than yourself; touch more lives than you could ever know.
  • What wires are holding you down today? Who helped you get released from wires holding you down in the past? Have you let him/her know?
  • Who are you walking with today?
  • Your best days are in front of you.
  • In spite of difficulty, you have incredible opportunities in front of you.
  • See John’s surprise reunion with Nurse Roy here. (Photo below.)













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