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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost
Our guests from Season 4 are shining examples of this quote. From the co-founder of eHarmony to super model to ESPN host: Our guests chose the path less traveled + learned to live inspired in the process.

On episode 44, I’m sharing with you my favorite take aways from each Season 4 guest. You’ll not only get a rapid-fire inspirational download but also see which guests speak to you most so you go directly to their episode to get inspired exactly where you are in life.

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  • Les Parrottco-creator of eHarmony, psychologist, professor, author, husband, and father: “The most important thing you can do for your relationship is what you do for yourself.”
    • This episode is for you if: You’re ready to improve your relationships or long for a stronger relationship at home or in the mirror.
  • Edie Varleythe business coach who I began working with 10 years ago when I transitioned from real estate + construction into speaking + writing:”Busy is not productive. Your to-do list is not the most important thing. The list that you actuallyhonor is.”
    • This episode is for you if: You need to recalibrate what is truly important in life, relationships and business.
  • Koran Boldenspeaker, author + voice in urban education and arts: “If you are patient you’ll move past most obstacles. If you are simply patient…”
    • This episode is for you if: You could use an example of how to pivot from extreme challenge, grief or trauma into your most inspired life.
  • Amy Brown, co-host of the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show and host of Love What Matters Podcast: “There’s always good that can come from bad.”
    • This episode is for you if: You could use a shining example of finding blessings in all of life’s experiences.
  • Nurse Roy, the man who taught me how to walk again after my childhood fire (a story I used to share the stage but don’t often get the chance to today. “Today we’re going to talk about the power of one. One individual. One action. One impact.”
    • This episode is for you if: You want to see clearly the impact you are having in the lives of others every day.
  • Ben Newman, performance coach, speaker, and author:”How you respond to adversity determines the story you write.”
    • This episode is for you if: You want concrete tools to build the business and life you want.
  • Mark Sharenbroichbestselling author of Nice Bike, leadership guru, and longtime speaker: “The right moment to tell someone they’ve had an impact on your life is right now.”
    • This episode is for you if: You could use a reminder on how to connect effectively with people AND the importance of doing it.
  • Leah Darrowfrom America’s Next Top Model to Role Model: “Life is so much more about contribution than competition.”
    • This episode is for you if: You want to see what it looks like to break free from the status quo and into the life you’re meant to lead.
  • John Brenkushost of ESPN’s Sports Science show, 6-time Emmy winner, New York Times bestselling author of The Perfection Point: “I had to have persistence, stubbornness + belief to stick around when I was scraping by… I was scraping by for a long time.”
    • This episode is for you if: You want to hear what it takes to make your professional + personal dreams come true.
  • Chris Norton, after being paralyzed while playing NCAA football, the video of his graduation walk went viral: “As life changes, you change. Sometimes it’s best to accept something different… different doesn’t make it worse.”
    • This story is for you if: You need an example of what committing to a goal can do for your life.

Nine months ago I invited my mom to talk with me in a radio studio about how she lived inspired through our fire and beyond… that’s how this podcast began. There wasn’t a grandiose plan but a clear vision. This podcast would be a way for us to connect as a community and live a bit more inspired each week.

500,000 + downloads later, top 20 business on iTunes & Inc. Magazine… and the rest is history.

Now, every Thursday, the most amazing guests keep showing up to help us wake up from accidental living and live inspired. I’m honored to be part of the conversation and to be part of your week.

My friend, we are not alone – half a million people are listening with us 😉 Please, share the podcast with friends and family. That’s the best way continue to spread the Live Inspire movement.

Instead of following the predictable, well-traveled path of the majority: Let’s commit to traveling the road less traveled. One of faithfulness, courage, resilience, hope, possibility, and lit by the truth that the best is yet to come.


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I can’t wait to see you here next Thursday for the start of Season 5! Today is your day. Live Inspired.

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Thanks for being here. Thanks for being part of the movement to live inspired and touch lives along the way. If you ever have questions or ideas – please share them at info@johnolearinspires.com.

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