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Live Inspired Podcast: S6 | Ep. 64 Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin

“Don’t wait for others to join you. Because you might wait forever.”

Gretchen Rubin has sold nearly 3 million books worldwide and perhaps is best known for her books The Happiness Project & The Four Tendencies. She is a thought-provoking observer of human nature and happiness, or as her sister likes to describe her “a happiness bully.”

She has an incredibly interesting story to tell; a graduate of Yale Law School who clerked for the nation’s first female Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor; the host of the Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin; interviewed by Oprah; walked with the Dalai Lama; and an answer to a Jeopardy question.

She is a prolific researcher and note taker who is “subject to epiphany” and writes about issues simply because she finds them interesting. Her topics range from JFK & Winston Churchill to fame & money.

Today, Gretchen joins us to share her insights into happiness and how we too can capture more of it in our lives.

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  • Gretchen is the author of 8 books: The Happiness Project, The Four Tendencies, Better Than Before, Happier At Home, Forty Ways to Look at JFK, Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchhill, Power Money Fame Sex,& Profane Waste.
  • She grew up in Kansas City, MO and now lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.
  • Gretchen says about her time clerking for the Supreme Court, “all of the justices are extremely earnest and sincere in trying to hold up the ideals of the United States of America. Everyone was trying to do their best work, every day.”
  • “All someone can do in this world is to try and do the right thing.”
  • “I never think of where I want to be in the future. I think what do I want to do now!”
  • “I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is that: we can build a happy life only on the foundation of our own nature, our own values, our own interest and that there is no magic one size fits all solution.”
  • Her first commandment is “Be Gretchen”
  • “The only person we can change is ourselves, often we can change a situation because we changed ourselves.”


1. What is the best book you’ve ever read? I never answer that question. I love books too much. (John finally gets her to offer one book: The Essays of George Orwell.)

2. Tomorrow you discover your wealthy uncle shockingly dies at the age of 103; leaving you millions. What would you do with it? Probably nothing.

3. Your house is on fire, all living things and people are out. You have the opportunity to run in and grab one item. What would it be? My cell phone.

4. You are sitting on a bench overlooking a gorgeous beach. You have the opportunity to have a long conversation with anyone living or dead. Who would it be? St. Therese of Lisieux, author of The Story of the Soul known as “the little flower.” She is my spiritual master.

5. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? The best advice I ever received is from me, “Be Gretchen.” I also like, “a strong voice repels as well as attracts.”

6. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself at age 20? Be Gretchen.

7. It’s been said that all great people can have their lives summed up in one sentence. How do you want yours to read?  She did what she set out to do.


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