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Live Inspired Podcast: S8 | Ep. 88 Adult Sibling Relationships

Today, we’ll talk about adult sibling relationships. I’ll share a story I don’t often get to tell; the story of my siblings and their heroic acts that saved my life 30 years ago. Then, I’ll share the three things we do to remain close as we get older.

My friend, in honor of my parents 50th wedding anniversary, I’m sharing an intimate look at my family, what we’ve been through, what we’ve learned + what it might mean for you.

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  • As promised during this episode, here are a few past episodes on which we discussed depression and mental health:
    • Episode #46 with Dennis Gillan: Break down the stigma around mental health to better care for yourself, those you love + those in the wake of suicide. Dennis shares how mental health claimed the life of his brothers + what he’s doing about it today.
    • Episode #73 with Sue Klebold: Sue is the mother of Dylan Klebold, a shooter at Columbine High School in 1999. You’ll be amazed by how much you can relate to Sue, her family + her story. Sue shares ideas to better manage mental health so we don’t have to step into her shoes.
    • Episode #65 Mike Robbins: Mike was a pro athlete before an injury ended his career. Now, he’s an author + speaker on emotional intelligence, teamwork + leadership for clients like Google, NBA + Harvard. Mike shares about his depression + the questions he asked to discover that healing is multi-layered: body, mind + heart.
  • 3 ways to enhance your adult sibling relationships:
    1. Communicate frequently.
    2. Forgive promptly.
    3. Their success is not your failure.
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2 replies on “Live Inspired Podcast: S8 | Ep. 88 Adult Sibling Relationships”

Podcast #88 has huge meaning for me. I am one of 6 siblings. We always considered our family to be tight and close knit. Family and extended family celebrated holidays and birthdays together. Our cousins were our first friends, our aunts and uncles were our adult guides and shapers during childhood. Our home was the place in the neighborhood where kids gathered to play ball, act out self-directed plays, and share the bounty from our huge garden with the neighbors and church members.
Our parents have both died and through those experiences of our parents deaths, our family has become fractured and alienated due to disagreements and long held grudges. This is not how we were raised, and I am sure not how my parents pictured their children to relate and behave after their deaths.
As recently as yesterday my youngest sister messaged me about her perception of the family, her pain and her mistreatment and her resolve to finally end the chapter and shut the book of her relationship with the 4 oldest siblings. The depth and magnitude of her anger and pain is overwhelming.
The truth and message in the podcast brings me to realize my fault and part in this whole relationship. I deal well with families and children in my professional life, but struggle to find the empathy and patience to hear and not react to this sister’s words and actions.
Thank you for sharing insight and a path forward out of “the smoke” .

Karen, than you for sharing with us. I am glad that this episode could give you a new perspective to bring back to your relationships with your siblings. I hope it serves you well and that you are able to give each other the grace, love and support that can be so comforting coming from a sibling. J