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Live Inspired Podcast: Can One Person Create Change? (Monday Moments ep. 263)

On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary reminds us that change starts with one.

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our “Monday Moment” segments.

Today I share a story of one of my heroes, Amy Crawford. Amy is a 5th-grade teacher who has a profound way of elevating the kids in her classroom and inspiring others to recognize the meaning and power within their work.

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Cleaning her classroom before leaving for the weekend, Amy found a remarkable poem that would soon change her life. This poem was written by one of her troublesome students.

I Am The Piece That Never Fits

I am the piece that never fits.
I wonder why people hate me for who I am
I hear the cry of loneliness that comes from me
I see my sad, strange, different self in the mirror
I want someone on my side
I am the piece that never fits.
I pretend that words can never hurt me
I feel the urge to run away from myself
I touch the wet tear from my eye-rolling down my face
I worry my future will be me, myself, and I
I cry because I am the cheese; everyone is the mouse
I am the piece that never fits.
I understand that no one likes me
I say that there is no place for people like me in the world
I dream of a place where I actually fit in
I try to make new friends,
And I hope to, but still
I am the piece that never fit.

In time, with love, with grace, with intentional focus, by surrounding him with supportive friends and introducing him to new mentors, the little author of the poem began to fit in. And it all began with one person. One person.

Today, he’s a college graduate, gainfully employed, happily married, and passionate about life. Without a doubt, he most certainly fits.

If you’re looking to start making a difference, certainly start at home. I also encourage you to become involved with an organization that changed my family’s lives: Big Brothers Big Sisters. I recently interviewed my Little Brother Travion House on Live Inspired Podcast ep. 260. Listen to how a 10-year-old boy taught me resiliency, courage + love.


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