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4 Traits Joy-Filled People Have in Common (Monday Moment ep. 399)

joyful woman

On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary shares four traits joy-filled people have in common.

The key to real happiness, true contentment, and a continual state of joy has nothing to do with getting more.

It’s the moment-by-moment choice to be grateful for what we have, selfless in what we do, connected with why we’re here, and focused on becoming the best version of ourselves.

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What we should strive for is not happiness, but an enduring state of joy.

Joy is a condition that isn’t dependent on things going our way. It’s not reliant on getting what we want. Joy is the ability to be lit up each day despite the challenges, despite the setbacks, despite the struggle. And it’s a choice.

So how can we achieve a state of joy? Tune in to hear the four things the most joy-filled people I know have in common.


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