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The Power of Showing Up (Monday Moment ep. 439)

John O’Leary reminds us of the importance of showing up on this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment.

My sweet Mom passed out in the shower last Friday evening. After fainting, she fell backwards, landed hard on the floor, and broke her wrist. As it turns out, she collapsed as the result of anemia and low hemoglobin, which required a few days of observation in the hospital to elevate.

In a surreal coincidence, her room is on the exact same floor as –and stunningly just three doors away from– the entrance to the Burn Center where I was treated 35 years earlier.

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My friends, we often cheapen our ability to positively influence another human being because we don’t have the right status, don’t feel we are enough or worry we lack the proper words.

Today I share a reminder that it’s not having the right words that elevate the life of a friend who is struggling. It’s having the courage to show up, the willingness to be present and the audacity to simply listen.