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John O’Leary reminds us that even our most seemingly insignificant actions can have a profound impact.

Have you ever silenced an idea, worried it would be rejected or thought it wasn’t as good?

Have you ever sidelined an opportunity to speak up because you were worried you wouldn’t measure up to others?

Have you ever stifled an ‘I love you’ or an ‘I’m sorry’ because it was too late to matter to someone else?

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Often, we think our own words, ideas and actions won’t make a difference. We listen to the voice of fear whispering we’re just one person, we’re too inexperienced, too insignificant. We clam up when it’s our turn to share. We play small instead of taking a risk. We stay quiet when our words could change everything.

And in doing so we fail to recognize that the contribution we see as insignificant is oftentimes life changing. Possibly even world changing.

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