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John O’Leary shares how burn camp reminds him of the miracle of scars.

Last week I enjoyed what’s become one of my annual highlights each summer – speaking at Midwest Children’s Burn Camp.

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My friends, you don’t need to be a kid with burns to be worried about how you’ll be perceived by others.

It happens every single day as we carry around our visible—and invisible—scars of life. Our disappointments, indiscretions, and rejections. Our mistakes, our circumstances, our do-overs. Too often we consider them simply painful reminders of what makes us unworthy. But the bumps, bruises, brokenness, ugliness, and scars from our past are simply one part of the story.

Rather than wishing them away or covering them up, why not begin seeing the beauty of compassion, individuality, and courage they reveal? Rather than desiring to be different than we are or angry at the past, why not celebrate the splendor of the life we have today and the limitless possibility that remains for tomorrow?

Rather than desiring to be somehow different than we are, why not embrace with grace and serenity the gift that your life already is?