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John O’Leary shares why he will be voting in the midterm election tomorrow on this Monday Moment segment.

With the constant pace of change, dramatic shifts societally and significant challenges we face both locally and globally, a perspective of navigating these difficult days thoughtfully is critically important. Few offer a better example of serving others, leading effectively and living well than my grandfather.

Grandpa was my hero growing up. Although he became a successful attorney, the lessons he learned growing up on a farm, enduring the Great Depression, and fighting for his country in World War II kept him humble, generous and shaped his worldview.

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Today, as you scroll through social media or watch mainstream media, you’ll likely be repulsed to imagine that half your neighbors could feel differently about the issues you passionately support in tomorrow’s midterm election. You’ll be stunned to imagine living in a country so different than you. You’ll be told by the channels you tune into that the very life of the country hangs in the balance.

But even if we adamantly disagree with how he voted, I think my stoic, wise and strongly opinionated grandfather points us not only to a different, more idyllic time, but to a future we must choose together. His example is of a time when opinions were held so firmly that we actually had the fortitude to visit with, live with and even love those who held opinions different than ours.

My friends, I encourage you to deeply care about issues, to have strongly held and well-informed opinions and to vote in elections. But I also encourage you to turn off the news channels, stop the scrolling, and get back to living together.

It served the greatest generation well. It will serve this next greatest generation, too.