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Say Yes. Show Up. Come Back. Bring Friends. (Monday Moment ep. 521)

Becky James Hatter

John O’Leary shares what may be the most important thing you ever do for someone else on this Monday Moment segment.

“What was the most important thing anybody ever did for you?”

I was asked this question by a 15-year-old student at Desert Christian School in Tucson, AZ last month. For the past hour, they had heard a story about profound challenge and tragedy as well as overwhelming grace and love. They had heard a story of repeated failures and continual overcoming. They had heard the story, ultimately, of individuals faithfully showing up when I desperately needed encouragement, what these people did, the impact they made and what it means for the rest of us today.

So, what was the most important thing anybody ever did for me? Tune in now.

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