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John O’Leary shares about my new friend Rachel who reminds me of the beauty in the sunrise on this Monday Moment segment.

What is the first thing you look for in the morning?

Reaching to hit snooze on an alarm likely ranks high on your list. Perhaps followed by reaching for that cell phone, grasping for those glasses, grabbing that robe, and stumbling into the kitchen for a coffee filter. All worthwhile things to seek in the morning.

Two weeks ago, though, I met a woman who reminded me not only of the importance of seeking what truly matters most, but also the power of sharing it with others.

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My friends, as we arise each morning, what we seek, we will find. I’m not saying you can’t occasionally hit snooze, find the cell phone, grab the robe or make the coffee. I’m instead suggesting that once you do, keep the television off and don’t scroll.

Instead, walk outside and look east. In the midst of a busy world with many reminding us daily how cynical, negative and bad everything is, see a radically different perspective. Watch as the light cuts through the darkness, observe as the clouds above are ignited with warm colors, witness as shadows fade and the beauty of new day reveals itself for those who seek it.

It may not change the challenges of the life you lead, the work you do or the world in which you live. It will, however, remind you that God is still God, the darkness doesn’t win and the best is yet to come.