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Doing Little Bits of Good…Together (Monday Moment ep. 589)

John O’Leary extends an invite to do little bits of good… together on this Monday Moment segment.

Little bits of good, done by others, combined to create a powerful force that overwhelmed the darkness and changed my life forever.

For those desiring it, evidence is everywhere of heroes, of possibility, of beauty, and of the power of a unified community being used for good.

Flourishing individually, encouraging others, and connecting in community is what we strive to foster at Live Inspired. It is likely why you listen to our podcasts, read our materials, and share our posts. And it’s why we want to give you an exciting opportunity to go even deeper via our new online community called Live Inspired Together.

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It’s our own little corner of the internet absent the negativity found elsewhere. It’s our Live Inspired homebase where you and I can connect – and it’s packed with inspirational content, virtual gatherings, and curated opportunities to serve. 

It’s designed to help you embrace the power of perspective, the gifts you already possess and the truth that your best days are yet to come. 

It’s free. It’s awesome. And it is for you.

Join me at Live Inspired Together by clicking the registration link below.

My friends, what we focus on, grows. I can’t wait to focus on the good with you and positively change the world one life at a time. Starting with our own.