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What Kind of Friend Are You? (Monday Moment ep. 613)

John O’Leary reminds us that even showing up in small ways can make a profound difference on this Monday Moment segment.

On the afternoon of May 20, several thousand St. Louis University graduates would receive their diplomas. Thousands of parents, siblings and loved ones would fill an arena cheering for them. Everyone in the arena excitedly looking forward to this day they’ve worked a lifetime to achieve.  Everyone except one: The commencement speaker.

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Although I’ve delivered thousands of keynotes, each time I deal with a bit of anxiety and self-doubt. Leading up to the day of the commencement address, those fears were almost debilitating.

And yet at 6:14am that day while pacing in my living room, the anxiety and self-doubt faded. A single text message showed up and transformed my anxiety into peace and my fear into gratitude. Let me explain.