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John O’Leary shares how we’ll embrace and celebrate metamorphosis in 2024 on this Monday Moment segment.

Turning the calendar from December to January is supposed to usher in new hope, goals, and possibility. To absolve us of our holiday indulgences and pave the way for commitments to eat better, work out more and grow spiritually. All this to become better versions of ourselves.

But in reality, ringing in the New Year can sometimes feel deflating. Instead of a focus on possibility, it can be a fixation on all that went wrong in the year that’s ending. Devastating global events, divisive politics, destructive weather. Failed promises, fractured relationships and personal disappointments. The worst versions of us on full display. For many, 2023 could not end soon enough.

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And yet, when we look at history and cycles within nature, we are reminded that adversity and hardship frequently pour the foundation for coming success. Perhaps no illustration reveals this truth more beautifully than the caterpillar. Let me explain.