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How Do You Want to be Remembered? (Monday Moment ep. 637)

John O’Leary shares how Martin Luther King Jr. reminds us that we should strive to be remembered for our love and service to others on this Monday Moment segment.

How do you want to be remembered?

It’s paradoxical that answering a question about death can be so wildly important to living a more vibrant life.  Perhaps even more surprising, though, is realizing the very thing that is assured to us all is also so rarely considered.

And yet my friends, it turns out that while we may indeed share equally in the profound gift of this day, we also share in the certainty that tomorrow is promised to none of us.

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So, if tomorrow does not come, how do you want those who knew you best to remember you?

Just weeks before his own death, Martin Luther King Jr asked his congregation to consider this question.  He acknowledged that the world pressures individuals to strive to be first, to endeavor to be great and to be seen as truly important. Let me explain.