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John O’Leary shares maybe the most important thing he learned from filming the ON FIRE movie on this Monday Moment segment.

Six weeks after completing the filming for ON FIRE, I am still digesting the experience of having a full-length feature film capture the most tragic, intimate, painful, redemptive, and joyful aspects of my life. It was a surreal experience that moved me deeply, reinforced the profound gift of life, and shined a brilliant light on the power of unconditional love.

Sometimes that love was captured in the heroic actions of young siblings while a fire rages in their house. Sometimes it was personified in an Emergency Room when a parent pulls back a curtain, sees their child in agony, loses their breath, moves through their own fear, and personifies grace. Sometimes it was experienced through the excellent care of a nurse, the outstanding effort of a janitor, or the consistent, hope-inducing voice of a radio announcer.

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But as valuable as it may be learning lessons portrayed on screen, it was sometimes what quietly occurred behind the scenes that exemplified most impactactfully the power of love in action. The model of that servant leadership, though, wasn’t an actor, a producer, or our director. It was someone instead who didn’t audition for the role or get paid for the work, but embraced it fully regardless. It was my wife, Beth. Let me explain.