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Broken Pieces Can Be Used for Good (Monday Moment ep. 651)

Lindsay Wanner

John O’Leary shares how the new artwork hanging in his office is a beautiful reminder of this truth on this Monday Moment segment.

After feeling extremely fortunate to spend almost every night at home in January, the work schedule shifted and launched us into a wildly busy and deeply meaningful month of February.  Taking full advantage of the extra day this year, we traveled to 14 cities and spoke with 18 different groups. (An added bonus, we are now on a first name basis with most of the St. Louis airport staff!)

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On one of the few days I worked from our office last month, we were able to hang a piece of art in our lobby. As beautiful as it is, it’s the process of how it was created and the story of the artist who brought it to life that is most meaningful to me. Let me explain.