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Three Tips to Live an Uninspired Life (Monday Moment ep. 659)

John O’Leary shares how to live an uninspired life on this Monday Moment segment.

For more than two decades, I’ve written, shared and spoken about the joy of living a radically inspired life. And I’ve shared stories of people who are On Fire For Good, who want their lives to matter, their families to thrive and their communities to prosper.

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Recently, though, I realized I’ve been neglecting a far larger audience.  We’ve created far too few resources for my friends on the opposite end of the spectrum. We’ve ignored the friends who have decided that an inspired life just isn’t for them. The individuals seeking a monotonous, humdrum, uninspired life.

Choosing to ignore them no longer, I’ve assembled a list of tips to ensure they are liberated to follow their dreams of living the uninspired life they desire. Join me as I share my three best tips to help those interested in achieving uninspired living.