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 On this Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary has a celebration of special caregivers during National Nurses Week.

Although health care practitioners are often cautioned to avoid becoming emotionally invested in a critically ill patient’s outcome, the reality on the ground is it’s impossible not to become engrossed. They spend significant time with the patient, get to know them intimately, and often become friends with the family.

Such was the case during the five months I spent in the hospital after the fire. These nurses were the servants who never missed a single shift. Whether it was a holiday, weekend, or night, they were there for me and every other patient on the floor.

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My family and I remained in contact with many of these nurses even after being released. We’d come back to the floor to visit them, exchange birthday calls and Christmas cards. We had Thanksgiving dinner with one of them for more than a decade afterwards and invited as many as we could track down to my wedding 16 years after being discharged from their care.

And yet, one of the most meaningful gifts these nurses provided occurred recently. Let me explain…