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The Power of Doing Life Together (Monday Moment ep. 333)

On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary reminds us the power of doing life together.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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Jimmy Choi is an accomplished marathon runner, triathlete and participant on American Ninja Warrior. Remarkably, he’s done all of this after his diagnose of early onset Parkinson’s disease.

During an emotional inflection point a decade ago, Jimmy Choi made a a promise to his family that he’d no longer simply surrender his life to a disease.

What he’s learned since is that the daily decisions we make profoundly influence the life we live. That while we can’t always choose the path we walk, we can always choose the manner in which we walk it.

He’s also learned that by himself he could do so little. Together, driven by a compelling purpose and cheered by a generous community, we can do so much.

Valuable lessons we all must remember in the race of life.

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