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Live Inspired Podcast: 4 Ways to be Present this Holiday Season (Monday Moments ep. 211)

On this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment, John O’Leary shares four ways to be present this holiday season.

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our “Monday Moment” segment.

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It’s easy to get so overwhelmed by what is on our agenda that we forget to enjoy any of it, especially during this time of year. Today I share 4 things I do to keep myself and my family present during this holiday season:

  1. Make a list each. Each morning, I make a list of the three most important things I need to do. Make a list of what’s most important for you; then be bold enough to do it.
  1. Set an alarm. One feature, perhaps surprisingly, I use with great effectiveness is the alarm. When it goes off, it is my reminder to refocus on what actually matters. I have it set to go off at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Regardless of what I am doing, I step away for 60 seconds of quiet reflection; quiet time helps me to be thankful for what matters. This allows me to step back into “work” with renewed focus.
  1. Forget your phone on purpose. When I get home at the end of a trip or at the end of the day, I put my phone on silent. This allows me to engage with the people that matter most. Instead of responding to every beep, tweet, and ring, I am able to savor every laugh, smile and moment.
  1. Stop being so serious! I remind myself that the world will not fall apart if I don’t accomplish the task at hand. I take a moment to remember that my family’s lives, my travel, my work, my problems are not the only ones that matter. This gives me perspective to realize I am just one person in more than 7 billion on earth… this doesn’t just take the pressure off, but it also drives me to strive to make a greater difference for all.


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