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Live Inspired Podcast: 3 Ways to Build Bridges in our Divisive World (Monday Moments ep. 235)

John O’Leary shares 3 ways to combat the divisiveness our world on this week’s Live Inspired Podcast Monday Moment segment.

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our “Monday Moment” segment.

We are living in a divisive era and it’s never been easier to build walls that divide us. As a member of the Live Inspired community, I urge you to be a bridge builder and find ways to connect with others. But how?

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Today, I share three simple strategies to help elevate our conversations and build relationships regardless of our differences:

  1. Own the conversation from the start (Don’t wait!)
  2. Actively listen as if they are the only person (They are!)
  3. Be passionately curious as if their opinion actually matters (It does!)

My friends, the future belongs to the bridge builders. [Tweet this.] History teaches that unity is strength and the way forward requires coming together to overcome differences in the quest for common goals. So, love others from the start, put distractions down, and curiously ask questions. 


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