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On today’s Live Inspired Podcast, John O’Leary celebrates On Fire and shares two lessons he’s learned in the last four years.

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since my first national bestselling book On Fire hit bookshelves. Since then, it’s sold more 200,000 copies, been translated into more than a dozen languages and touched, impacted + elevated lives across the world… but it’s individual stories of impact that ignite me the most.

To celebrate, I want to share two stories On Fire has blessed me with in the last four years. The first being one of the countless experiences that dramatically touched me and the second being a question I am frequently asked about the many stories featured in the book.

I hope that today’s episode will remind you of the gift and liberating freedom of unconditional love.

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  • Like my mom, I share how one dad chose love, crediting On Fire.
  • After his daughter read On Fire, she’s convinced and convicted in choosing life.
  • “I didn’t write On Fire to be on airport bookshelves. I wrote On Fire to remind one person at a time that they have the ability to change the world.”
  • “It’s not called On Fire because I got burned. It’s called On Fire because of every single thing that happened after the explosion. It’s a reminder of grace.”
  • Get a copy of On Fire here.


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1 reply on “ON FIRE: Four Years Later (ep. 234)”

I loved today’s podcast! The passage you read from the book sums up everything. It is so powerful when we learn how to forget ourselves and focus on loving one another!

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