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Behind-the-Scenes of the On Fire Movie Set (ep. 626)

John O'Leary on the On Fire Movie set

John O’Leary records a special episode from the On Fire movie set, answering YOUR questions and sharing behind-the-scenes stories! 

For the past five weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside hundreds of talented producers, stunt coordinators, set designers, production assistants, boom operators, award-winning actors, makeup artists… and so many other crucial contributors in bringing a feature-length film to life.

Today, as we’re just two days from calling “it’s a wrap!” on filming of the On Fire movie, I invite you to join me in reflecting on some of the most incredible moments. We’ll delve into behind-the-scenes stories, answer questions from our vibrant and loyal Live Inspired community, and provide you with a front-row seat to the magic of filmmaking. Yes, you heard it right – I recorded this episode right from the heart of the action on the set!

My friends, I promised to bring you along for the ride, and today, you get an exclusive glimpse into the making of the On Fire movie.

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Hear John answer these Live Inspired community-submitted questions!

  • Anne O. – Don’t you have to pinch yourself sometimes?
  • Abby R. and Lori M. – What has surprised you most about the film-making process?
  • Dianne R. – How closely does the movie follow your book and your life story, or is there a lot of poetic license used?
  • Shannon G. – How have you and your family been feeling about filming and reliving the experience?
  • Dan E. – Any particular stories, moments, etc. from crew members that stand out to you?
  • Patty K. and Shannon M. – How much interest and participation have your children had in the movie?
  • Beth L. – I’d love to know what the cast thinks about their characters and the story, why they wanted these roles and how they prepared.
  • Did you have any moments of being utterly star stuck?
  • Ellie W. – Which scene were you most excited to see on camera? And favorite moment on set?
  • Mariela S. What are your hopes for the movie?
... And Action!
Clapperboard for the On Fire movie
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Have more questions for John on making the On Fire movie? Do you have questions for the cast and crew? Send them to Podcast@JohnOLearyInspires.com!