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Live Inspired Podcast: World Book Day on Monday Moments ep. #143

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Monday Moments

John O’Leary celebrates World Book Day by sharing the most mentioned books by our guests the on the Live Inspired Podcast.

Join me every Monday for a quick burst of inspiration on our “Monday Moments” segments.

We’ve had nearly 120 guests on the Live Inspired Podcast. As you know, at the end of the interview, each guest answers the  Live Inspired 7 questions, with the first question being: What’s the best book you’ve ever read?

As we gear up to celebrate World Book Day, I want to share the most mentioned books by our guests.

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  1. The Bible has been mentioned by 11 guests including my mentor Brian Buffini from ep. 1and human rights activist Christine Caine from ep. 82.
  2. A Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Franklin has been mentioned by “expectation hangover” expert Christine Hassler from ep. 26 and author Matthew Emerzian from ep. 58. (It’s my favorite book, too!)
  3. And we have a TIE for the third favorite book!
    1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach has not only been mentioned by five guests but we had the author Richard Bach on ep. 54!
    2. My book ON FIRE has been mentioned by comedian Kathy Buckley from ep. 7, Sergeant Rocky Sickmann from ep. 16 and musician Matt Mattingly from ep. 66.

Get a copy of ON FIRE here with the coupon code PODCAST for 15% off.


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