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Live Inspired Podcast: Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet #119

John O’Leary shares his secret to make 2019 ‘Your Best Year Yet’ on the Live Inspired Podcast.

Today’s episode is about you. Specifically, how to make sure 2019 is absolutely your best year yet.

I’ll give you a peek at the exercise (created by Jinny Ditzler) I complete every year to ensure I have my best possible year. Since starting this process 10+ years ago, I’ve:

  • Become more inspired + stayed focused on living inspired
  • Improved my spiritual health + focused on my marriage
  • Built a speaking business
  • Written ON FIRE, which became a #1 national bestseller + has been translated into 12 languages
  • Launched the Live Inspired Podcast, of which you are a part!
  • Grown top line revenue + bottom line profitability for my organization

My friends, these are just a few of the goals I set and then achieved thanks to this process. Join me to get clear on what you want to achieve personally and professionally in 2019 + set yourself up to make this your best year yet.

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  • Goals must not just be set, but lived into every day.
  • Have you identified what worked (and did NOT work) last year?
  • Your best is within reach!
  • Join me IN STUDIO* to create a blueprint for your best 2019 here.

*Live Inspired IN STUDIO with John O’Leary is a membership community where like-minded friends ‘come together’ online monthly + leave feeling better, encouraged, energized, calm, focused, capable + supported.

Next week IN STUDIO, we’re creating blueprints to make 2019 our Best Year Yet. Registration is open for a very limited time. Register today so you can join us and make 2019 Your Best Year yet here.

Questions about IN STUDIO? Email shannon@johnolearyinspires.com


Next week on the Podcast, my guest will be my old friend Steve Grant. Check out his amazing story here.

Get Jinny Ditzler’s book Your Best Year Yet here.

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