Sharp HealthCare

I look forward to connecting with the Sharp HealthCare team soon. In the meantime, enjoy this specially curated playlist of Live Inspired Podcast episodes featuring my personal favorites about the power of connection.

Sharp HealthCare

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Powerful Five-Word Lessons (Monday Moment ep. 451)

How to Have Tough Conversations with Celeste Headlee (ep. 442)

Make New Friends with Dr. Marisa Franco (ep. 438)

Stroke of Insight with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor (ep. 432)

What if the Best Thing Hasn’t Happened Yet? (Antonio Neves ep. 418)

Happiness + Gratitude Expert Shawn Achor (ep. 408)

Max Lucado: Courage for Today and Hope for Tomorrow (ep. 398)

Discover Joy in the Ordinary with Ingrid Fetell Lee (ep. 384)

Health + Wellness Expert Jillian Michaels (ep. 276)

Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limits (ep. 254)

How do Love and Friendship Impact Your Health? (ep. 180)

Tools to Connect, Inspire + Lead Fearlessly with Molly Fletcher (ep. 162)

Celebrating Doctors’ Day (Monday Moment ep. 137)

Uncover the Power of Joy with SoulPancake’s Shabnam Mogharabi (ep. 126)

Three Lessons from My Doctors that Still Impact My Life Today (ep. 117)

Brené Brown: Dare to Lead (ep. 103)

Find Your People in the Loneliness Epidemic with Radha Agrawal (ep. 98)

The Power of One with Nurse Roy (ep. 38)

Make Parenting Simpler with Meg Meeker, MD (ep. 14)

Susan O’Leary and the Impact She’s Had on John’s Life (ep. 000)