Shine a light in the dark.

Between the echo chamber of social media and the 24/7 news cycle, we’re constantly reminded of the pain and disappointment in our lives. But John O’Leary knows the truth: that God is stronger than our weaknesses and that we become stronger when we enter into an eternal relationship with Him. Let John empower your group to shine a light for all to see.

Our clients love that John helps them:

  • Energize their faith
  • Experience the incredible results of faith
  • Hear an outside perspective on religious topics
  • Re-engage withdrawn community members
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A journey made possible by faith.

John’s story is a testament to the encompassing, enduring power of faith. Each individual thread of John’s story, from love to gratitude to forgiveness, are all united by the words of a loving God. In his keynotes, John uncovers the incredible potential of our shared faith and empowers audiences to seize it every day of their lives.

John’s faith keynotes are a great fit for:

  • Faith communities
  • Faith conferences
  • Religious associations
  • Religious businesses
  • Religious medical associations
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