Caring for those who care for us.

John O’Leary is a living example of the power of healthcare. As a former trauma patient and hospital chaplain, he understands the challenges these individuals face as well as the impact they make. John’s keynotes speak to healthcare professionals, from doctors and nurses to janitors and support staff, and illustrate the importance of going the extra mile for patients, every time.

Our clients love that John helps them:

  • Facilitate a warmer, more connected culture
  • Overcome compassion fatigue and rising demands
  • Reignite passion for the people touched within healthcare
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A moving journey through overwhelming odds.

John’s keynotes share the stories of the “everyday” healthcare heroes that saved his life after being burned on 100% of his body. His recovery is a testament not only to the gifted surgeons, but also to nurses, administrators, janitors and more. Each of these professionals took pause, chose to go above and beyond and ask: “What more can I do for this little boy?” And it’s because of those people that John can use his story as a backdrop to inspire others as he speaks around the world.

John’s healthcare keynotes are a great fit for:

  • EMS conferences
  • Hospitals and hospital systems
  • Medical schools
  • Nursing associations
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Hear what others are saying.

We cannot begin to thank John enough for his participation in our event last week. Our team has received hundreds of emails from attendees stating just how powerful his message was. Many of our leaders are pulling clips from his presentation and sharing with their teams and families. This is just the beginning of our journey together!

– Florida Hospital Association

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