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From Juvenile Offender to Mentor: Bobby Bostic’s Redemption After a 241-Year Prison Sentence (ep. 624)

John O’Leary welcomes Bobby Bostic on the Live Inspired Podcast to share his journey in navigating an unlikely path to freedom, fostering a reconciling connection, and revealing the transformative power that liberates us from the shackles of our mistakes. In 1995, a 16-year-old Bobby Bostic found himself caught up in a series of poor choices […]


Your Work Matters!

A voice from the past reminds John of the power of one. Do you ever have days where you ask yourself the self-defeating question: Why do I even bother? Sure, sometimes it’s asked in different ways- Do I matter? Do I make a difference? Does my work here impact anything?– but we’ve all had those […]

Text WK to (314) 207-5010 to go “ALL IN” and receive weekly text messages from Coach Matt to help you stay focused on this month’s topic. 

What Wolters Kluwer past participants are saying:

Life comes at us fast. While my professional network is full of people to get sound business advice from, I wasn’t sure where to turn for advice on a personal issue. Enter Coach Matt - he helped me think through approaches that have been successful and has continued to offer encouragement and help every time I’ve asked. The coaching he and John provide has proven immensely helpful and I’d encourage anyone scratching their head in frustration to reach out for some excellent 1:1 coaching.

– Art T.

John and Matt bring motivation, focus and a sense of community into my life. Their soft touch-points encourage me to focus on my goals and hold me accountable to ask “What more can I do?” to reach my potential. Anyone not already taking advantage of their program, I recommend that you plug-in and benefit from their extensive and diverse experience in helping people.

– Dil Saran

My 1:1 meetings with Coach Matt have helped inspire and shape my passion to lead (by example) and be an overall better daughter, sister, aunt, colleague and friend. The monthly sessions have taught me to be accountable for what I can control and give myself grace as I embark on a new path of leadership. Coach Matt pulls back layers to understand root causes so our sessions are fruitful. I 100% recommend connecting with him if you haven’t done so already, it’s life changing and rewarding!

– LaTonya M.

Matt helps me to identify, focus and be accountable to the goals I've set to improve my life. Matt is generous and open with his time and creates a safe space to connect at my convenience.

– Teresa Thomas


NOVEMBER 6: Beyond Writing a Check

Igniting a spirit of generosity in ALL aspects of life

DECEMBER 4: Deck the Halls

Getting more by doing less this holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is John O'Leary - Live Inspired Coaching?

Our program will focus you on the most important, keep you in your circle of control and empower you to take the next right step. With greater effectiveness, you will enjoy daily personal and professional improvement. Get ready to be more joyful, gain clarity on where you are going and be confident that your best is yet to come.

2. Why is Wolters Kluwer's Compliance Solutions offering this program?

Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions has partnered with John O’Leary Live Inspired Coaching to help support your personal and professional growth. The program will help you identify the most important actions, take the next right step, and stay within your circle of control. And the personalized 1:1 coaching with Coach Matt will help you achieve goals important to you.

3. Who is eligible to participate in this program?

All of Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solution’s team members and its connected partners are eligible to participate in the John O’Leary Live Inspired Coaching program.

4. What can I expect from this program each month?

There will be one monthly live-streamed session (see “upcoming sessions” for dates + topics) that can also be enjoyed as a video on this dashboard at your convenience. The sessions are 20 minutes and include a relevant, inspirational message from John and concrete coaching reflection from Matt. You can choose to go “ALL IN” to get additional accountability on the theme from Coach Matt throughout the month. See “What is ALL IN?” below for more.

5. What does it mean to go "ALL IN"?

Going ALL IN means you will receive a weekly text message from Coach Matt encouraging you to “stay in your circle,” focus on the “next right step,” and receive help keeping this month’s theme in focus. You also will have the option to enjoy 1:1 calls with Matt (up to once weekly). To go “ALL IN” simply text WK to (314) 207-5010

Coach Matt is here when you need him; text any time (314) 207-5010.

6. What if I have other questions about the program?

For general questions about the program, please send them to ComplianceSolutionsCommunications @

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